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Who Are We

Telecom Stack Limited is a wholesale communication specialist company with offices in London and Dublin, providing solutions internationally.

Our team is dedicated to client-centric solutions that meet client requirements and expectations. The company has partnership agreements with leading carriers and service providers across the globe.

Our clients are our number one priority, and our offering is always driven by our company values of constantly innovating, being responsive and agile to our client's needs. 

Solutions to achieve this priority ranges from a 24/7 client support desk to an ever-increasing and evolving portfolio of hardware and software solutions, as we at Telecom Stack intend to continuously improve value for all our stakeholders and clients.    

Our end-user clients are represented in a wide range of industries, such as call centres, health providers, in the moment support services, to I.T. companies, to name a few. Each has unique requirements and objectives but with the same expectation of quality and reliable service.


Multiple points of contact through connected communication channels ensure that your business is always connected to the world!
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