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Communication Solutions

In today's age, communication has evolved into an integrated, stacked, solution.    

Multiple points of contact through connected communication channels ensure that your business is always connected. We at Telecom Stack understand that every business is unique, and we have built our offering to support this. We work with you to align communication with your business goals.

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Virtual, cloud-based infrastructure ensures risk-free scalability. Supporting your business now and in the future.   

Our cloud-based infrastructure is fully supported and monitored. We utilise AWS infrastructure combined with state of the art server monitoring tools and automated mitigation processes, giving you peace of mind.


OMNI Channel

Telecom Stack's ecosystem allows for communication channel, including social media, platforms to integrate into centralised communication management tools.    

Giving our clients the extended adaptability of connecting different channels into new software or their existing business technology


Social Media

In this age, customers expect us to be present and available where they are, making organisations step up their communication channel strategy.    

Telecom Stack supports our customers in integrating and technical management of social media channels into their current business ecosystems.


VOIP Landline

Voice over IP, phone service provides flexibility when integrating hardware into the cloud-based infrastructure.    

VOIP numbers allow calls to be delivered to mobile devices, with the aid of apps or to fixed handsets. These numbers are routed through call flow rules, ensuring that it delivers effectively and efficiently to our client requirements, no matter their size or complexity.


Microsoft TEAMS

Telecom Stacks Microsoft Teams embedment solution allows businesses to seamlessly integrate softphone solutions into the existing Microsoft ecosystem, giving users immediate access to VOIP solutions within familiar applications.   

Improving the speed of adoption and role out and aligning to organisations' current Microsoft ecosystem and security protocols.


Multiple points of contact through connected communication channels ensure that your business is always connected to the world!
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Software applications, providing integration, into current technology, where and when needed.   

An application that allows mobile devices and computers to facilitate calls from the existing phone system ecosystem. Adding an additional level of flexibility and integration of current processes and hardware while keeping costs down.



Broadband has developed into a fundamental communication component for any business.    

Telecom Stack provides full-stack support, including broadband solutions ensuring that our clients only ever need to deal with one service provider when dealing with their communication needs.



Fully integrated solutions allow for the complete embedment of mobile communications.    

As part of our full-stack support ethos, we take the service to a new level offering mobile device integration and management within our services, ensuring that our customers only need to focus on one thing, their business.