Telecom Stack, your communication partner.

Business systems that simplify your customer and user experience across multiple communication channels. Linking your current business systems to new communication solutions and tools.   

Providing software and hardware distribution, and support. Contact us for more details on how our team can assist you in launching your own telecoms infrastructure.

Why Telecom Stack?

We pride ourselves on being the one-stop wholesale solutions provider. At Telecom Stack, we add additional layers to the value offering with our client-centric consultations and specifically developed solutions to ensure that your business is fully supported beyond any expectations, far beyond basic phone infrastructure.

All our services and products are covered with our optional 24/7, full-stack support solution. Plus, we are so confident of the value added to our client's businesses that we don't tie any client into long term agreements.


Multi-Channel Solutions

Connect all the communication channels as and when, to your business.

24/7 Support

Full-stack, 24/7 support available to ensure that you are always connected.

Technical Consultation

As every customer's environment is different, our consultants differentiate us.

Remote Working Solutions

Cloud-based systems allow our customers to flex to any location.

Cloud Infrastructure

This means that any business requirements are easily met.

Fully Integrated

With our team, we assist you in linking to existing ecosystems, maximising ROI.

Easy & Quick to Set-up

Our technical support takes the pain out of any requirement.

Safe,  Secure & Reliable

We use trusted and secure servers and infrastructure with built-in contingencies.

100% Scalable

Cloud components that are scalable to any capacity requirements.

No Contracts 

We are so confident in the value-added service, we don't tie our clients into term contracts.

Workforce Management 

WFM add on solutions assist companies to deliver, either onsite or remote.

Hardware & Software

Offering extends and flawlessly integrates both hardware and software solutions.


Our multi-level, cloud-based or hardware solutions plugin to existing client ecosystems expands any organisation's capabilities, leveraging business data, workflows, automation, analytics through business intelligence tools and AI.          
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Client retention
Improved Efficiency
Reduced running costs

Our Awesome Solutions

Understanding that it is essential that organisations stay connected in this age. We have aligned our offering to support that need.


Communicate with your customers or your team over multiple channels: Phone, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.


Mobile packages that allow your business to stay connected while on the move with Unlimited Calls and Data.


Connect your Business and your Team to Enterprise Level Broadband: Fibre, Cable, Wireless, Satellite and Mobile.


Allowing for deep diving into current business utilisation and trends, giving management power to make the right decisions.


Our team works closely with our clients to ensure that there is an effective use of tools and systems, leveraging efficiencies.


User, hardware and software activity reports can help you to ensure that your companies resources are allocated effectively.


Realtime reporting gives greater insight over utilisation of all the communication channels adding additional level of insights.


Systems, processes & support ensure that as requirements change, so does the communication capabilities.
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AI Powered Customer Engagement Tools, personalised for your organisation.

Engage with your customers, empower your team, anywhere, all the time. The solution that you were looking for.

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Find your next communication solution.

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Interconnect people & systems

Capitalise on your organisation's capabilities through communication systems that support your team when and where they need it

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Why choose Us

Our consulting engineers support businesses to integrate communication systems & solutions directly into their ecosystems. We give our customers what they need rather than off-the-shelf solutions that are difficult to adopt and embed in the organisation—keeping our customer's core competence their own.

Our Mission

We put the clients needs first through partnering with the client by providing desired communications solutions and technology, delivered effectively and reliability where and when required. Everything we touch, we improve.

What you get

Engagement and solutions that go beyond the tech but improve the people's lives who engage through our systems. Whether complex or straightforward ecosystems, our team fully supports your journey, from development, to implementation, to ongoing 24/7 full-stack support.

Office Hours

    Mondays to Fridays between 9AM and 5PM (GMT)

    Available up to 24/7 via the support desk

Channel Partnerships Available

Do you want to expand your offering or be your own boss?

Telecom Stack wholesale offering provides full product portfolio offering. From simple DDI purchasing to more complex requirements at a wholesale level.
We believe our partner's success is our success! Talk to us about our boxed business solutions at a partner level.